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Bar Jump DA01

The Agility Training Set Bar Jump is the ideal way to train your pet for dog agility competition and dog jumping. This lightweight dog agility bar jump set is made of safe, durable plastic tubing.this dog agility training equipment assembles easily and quickly to ensure that you can have a fun day with your pooch, whether in the park, at the beach, or just in your own backyard. Dog agility competitions require training and practice-this dog agility jump set will help you turn your dog into a leaping wonder! The Agility Training Set Bar Jump is adjustable from a height of 10cm to 102cm to give your dog the maximum in jumping options. If you are looking to get into dog agility competitions, or just want to have some more fun with your dog, the Agility Training Set Bar Jump is perfect for you.

1)Dimensions: 100cm(H)x100cm(W)
2)Fully adjustable from 10cm to 102cm
3)Made of Lightweight and Durable plastic
4)Easy to assemble

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