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Disposable Pet Diaper M56

With our disposable diapers for dogs, cats, and pets we can let our best friend back into bed, up on the couch, or free to roam around the house, confident that accidents won't happen!

*Non-woven film padded
*Elastic gathers and velcro tape protect against leakage
*Specifically designed & shaped for use on pets

*Bed, Couch, Carpets, Wooden Floors
*Puppy Training - Dogs in Season
*Incontinent, Injured, or Elderly Pets
*Post Surgery - Vet's Office

 Product size XS S M L XL
34x27cm 39x29cm 44x31cm 49x33cm 54x35cm
SAP 2.5g 3g 4g 5g 5.5g
N.W(g/pc) 18g 20.5g 24.5g 28.5g 32g
for pets(weight) <2kgs(<4lbs) 2-4kgs(4-8lbs) 4-7kgs(8-15lbs) 7-16kgs(15-35lbs) 16-25kgs(35-55lbs)
for pets(size) 15-30cm(6-12inches) 25-33cm(10-13inches)  33-48cm(13-19inches) 45-63cm(18-25inches) 50-68cm(20-27inches)
pcs/bag 18 16 14 12 10
bag/carton 12 12 12 12 12
carton size 43x34x19cm 42.5x32x23cm 44x36x25.5cm 46.5x37x26cm 47x42x30cm

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