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Handi-Drink Portable Pet Bowl B43

*Unique, all-in-one, instant use! No spills, no hassles!
*The volume is 500ml.
*No water tray filling time - dogs instantly lap up the freshly running stream!
*100% free of any "backwash" into the water bottle!
*Used by leading Law Enforcement K-9 and Search and Rescue Teams!

To give your dog a drink, just snap the bottle into the water pan. Hold the bottle with one hand. Squeeze the bottle and water streams into the pan. Dogs lap up the running stream. You never have to fill the pan. Stop squeezing and the automatic valve shuts off the water stream. No spills, no leaks, no wasted water, no hassles, no backwash.

Veterinarians and breeders agree that dogs should not drink water from public fountains, or from lakes, rivers, and streams which can be contaminated with harmful bacteria. Handi-Drink makes fresh, clean water 100% portable, easy, safe and sanitary for your dog anytime, anywhere.

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